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Ide Ipl Scripts

These are three scripts,
1.IDE Renumber Script - This script just renumbers object ID’s from IDE files.
2.IPL Sorting Script - This script sorts IPL ID’s against IDE id’s.
3.IPL Object Renamer Script - This script renames IPL objects comparing with IDE files.
4.IPL Spliter - Splits IPL file

I’ve made this script inspired by X-Seti’s one’s.The concept is totally same,just the implementation is kinda different.You’ll need Python to run these scripts.

These scripts also support processing multiple files at once and will also copy other data sections of IDE & IPL to new file by itself.


Just put files in their respective script folders and run.

Special Thanks to X-Seti

Download Scripts Download Python

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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