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Rotating chains can be added to bikes (technically any vehicle). The chain speed is derived from the speed of the rear wheel.

Create a parent or dummy called fc_chain and add your chain models as a child. Place all the chains to the position where you want them to appear in-game. The number of chain models isn’t limited. Although for smoother animation using more is better.

Optionally you can choose a time for the script to wait in-between each model switch. For that add a suffix _ms(wait_time) (milliseconds). By default, the script uses 5 ms as wait time.

Be careful about the order of the models, it’s important here. For forwarding chain animation models from top to bottom will be used. So it’ll be like this 1,2,3,4 etc. For backward or reversing animation models from bottom to top will be used. So in our case 4,3,2,1 etc. The script keeps only one model shown at a time & hides the rest of them. Then switches the models one by one. So the models need to be specifically designed so that they contain the next movement sequence from its previous model.

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