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Extra Wheels

You can add more wheels to your vehicles (which support wheels). The amount isn’t limited and you can add as many of them as you’d like. These function support two types of wheels,

  • Front Wheels - Act same as a normal front wheel
  • Rear Wheels - Act same as a normal rear wheel

To adapt your component name it like this fc_xwheel. Optionally you can provide the wheel number from which you want to get the wheel rotation speed. For that add a suffix _w(wheel_no). Here wheel_no = 0/1/2/3.

For Cars:
0 & 1 are front wheels; 2 & 3 are rear wheels.

For Bikes:
0 is the front wheel & 1 is the rear wheel.

If nothing is provided the script will use 1 by default

You can also tweak the speed of the rotation. For that add a suffix _rmul(speed). By default 30 is used.

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