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Gear Lever

Whenever vehicle gear changes these events are triggered. There are two types of events,

  • When gear increases
  • When gear decreases

The lever goes down the gear decreases and up when gear increases. On event-triggered adapted models will be rotated in the X axis. To adapt your component to it, name it to fc_gl.

Optionally you can choose a time for the script to wait in-between the rotation. For that add a suffix _ms(wait_time) (milliseconds). By default, the script uses 1 ms as wait time. You can tweak the position of the lever during normal state (when no event is triggered) by adding a suffix _ax(angle). By default 15 is used here. Also, you can change how much angle the lever will rotate when the event is triggered by adding a suffix _o(offset_angle). By default, the script uses 15.

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