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Odometer measures the distance traveled by the vehicle and shows them on the dashboard. It can show digits up to 6 numbers. So the max possible number would be 999999. When a new vehicle is found by the script instead of its distance starting from 0 the script adds some random value to it for realism. There are two types of odometer you can choose from.

  • Analog - Odometer has a rotating effect (used by default)
  • Digital - No rotation effect. Instant number change ( add suffix _digital to use this)

To adapt your odometer to this function add a dummy called fc_om and then add 6 cylinder-shaped objects with 10 faces. Take a look at the image below,

Moreover highly unlikely but if you feel like the rotation of the odometer is too low or high you can change the X axis rotation by adding suffix _ax=(angle). By default 36 (360/10) is used here. Tweak it if you need to. You need to position the cylinders accordingly to your dashboard so that all 000000 is visible from the dashboard.

One important thing to note is their naming. The script assumes the positioning of the cylinders from the right to left and rotates them accordingly to display the value. So you must arrange these cylinders keeping this in mind.

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